Shower Steamers: Your New Shower Routine

Shower Steamers: Your New Shower Routine

When it comes to relaxing bath experiences, bath bombs are often a popular choice. However, shower steamers have become increasingly appreciated, especially by those who do not have a bath in their home, or simply prefer to shower. But what exactly is a shower steamer and how do they work?

Let’s start off with the basics of what a shower steamer is. A shower steamer uses some of similar ingredients that go into making bath bomb products. Bubble & Bathe shower steamers are designed to be single use but maximum satisfaction! When in contact with the spray of your shower, a steamer will begin to activate and fizz, and in doing so, will unlock and release its fragrance for an aroma filled shower experience. During your shower, the steamer will continue to bubble and emanate its scent right up to the last moment. Plus, it all washes safely down your plug hole, while you leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Bubble & Bathe offers a wide range of shower steamer products that capture whatever mood you are looking for – be that a wind-down after a long day with Calm or Sleepy, a sinus opening Wake Me Up, or a fruity punch to start your day with Italia or Cherry. And those are just a few of the shower steamers we have to offer – why not have a look at our full range over in our shower steamer collection.

Lavender and Peppermint Shower Steamers - Box of 4

Once you’ve chosen your favourite shower steamer scent, the next step is to experiment with how it works best in your shower. We’ve got some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your shower steamer, but it is down to the type of shower or bath you have in your home to make those final tweaks.

First, place the shower steamer onto the shower tray or base of your bathtub in a location where it will receive a regular splash of water, without being in direct flow or become submerged. This isn’t a problem per se, but a constant rush of water to the shower steamer will cause it to activate and fizz at a faster rate (perhaps perfect for those who like a quick shower!).

Once placed, start your usual shower routine and as the first droplets of water hit the steamer, the magic will commence! We have found that an initial spray of shower water towards the steamer is great for getting the fizz underway, giving your shower a scent-filled start.

You may find you need to position the steamer closer or further away from the shower’s flow depending on how much scent you want or how long you wish to spend in the shower. And that’s it! It really is as simple as that. Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing shower experience, with your favourite smells and fragrances that lifts your usual shower routine into a self-care experience.

One final thing before you go… we take great pride in not only providing an alternative and uplifting shower and bath experience but also by offering these great products in a way that has the lowest impact on our environment. All our shower steamer packaging is recyclable or compostable and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Nothing needs to go to landfill! Our boxes are completely recyclable cardboard, and the Bubble & Bathe branded paper uses inks that are made from soya-based vegetable oils and materials that are biodegradable, recyclable and better for the planet than conventional greaseproof papers.

So why not give a shower steamer a go? Or perhaps you know of someone who deserves a bit of TLC that they can enjoy in their own time and at home. We’ve got our full shower steamer collection available to purchase via our website. Which shower steamer will be your favourite?

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